Aluminum Products

Our products are made of high quality hard aluminum, which makes them light and strong at the same time, highly resistant to corrosion and will never need to be repainted. Aluminum was not called a sustainable material in vain, it provides a high degree of manufacturing accuracy and great durability. The advantages that aluminum provides for the manufacture of Shutter Awl cannot be achieved by using other materials, such as wood, even in terms of price flexibility.


A wide range of high-quality aluminum doors to suit different needs, available in a variety of shapes, thicknesses and sizes, whether you are looking for aluminum zipper doors, aluminum hinge doors, aluminum doors with stained glass, or aluminum folding doors, we, at Shutter Awl, will find the right choice for you.


Whether you are looking for windows for your home, office, restaurant or otherwise, the wide range of window varieties we offer at Shutter Awl in multiple shapes, colors and thicknesses will meet your needs and fit the structural openings in your building, taking into account the recommendations of the consulting engineers working on the project.

Glass facades

Unique artistic options for glass facades with great aesthetic advantages to suit the different tastes of owners and architectural project designers alike, with multiple sectors and thicknesses, including structural glass Systems (S.G) with different types and thicknesses, curtain facades system (C.W) with different types and thicknesses as well, in addition to other options.


Natural lighting gives the home a unique spirit that industrial lighting cannot provide, and with skylight or sky domes, sunlight will be able to visit your home at all times to make it more luminous, bright, healthy and vibrant. At Shutter Awl we offer skylights that use normal or reflective color heat-treated tempered glass, stained glass, Lexan or Dekosan panels, ensuring complete insulation of water, dust and dirt.


Kitchens are the hearts of a beating houses, and the design of the house is not complete without the kitchen, which is one of the most important pillars of the identity of the interior design of the house, and whatever type of design you want, or the type of materials you want to use, we will help you reach the perfect choice to take advantage of every inch of your kitchen space, adding sophistication and luxury to it while ensuring that it is integrated with the identity of the home.

Decorative glass

Give your home the excellence it deserves through glass art paintings that give a magical spirit to the place, and whether you are a fan of luxurious modern designs or vintage classics, the design options we offer at Shutter Awl will meet your needs, using the finest materials of stained glass and high-quality lead separators.