Interior Blinds

Enjoy a wide variety of roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, even metal, folded, wooden, accordion, clinic and hospital blinds, etc., in addition to remote or manual blind control systems, with all its accessories and requirements from the best international companies in the field, and give every room in your home or facility the finishing touch it deserves.

Roller Blinds

These type of blinds are easy to install, insert and clean, and it is a convenient option in case you want to cover only your window area without too much curtain size. Roller blinds are available in a wide variety of different types including transparent, colorful, sun-proof, flame-resistant, blackout fabrics, etc., and in a wide variety of colors and patterns as well.

Roman Blinds

Authentic and suitable for fans of luxurious classic designs, but combined with its historical heritage, it was always able to keep up with the latest modern designs. They often come with a rope that can be pulled down or lifted up, and the wide variety of types, colors and decorations makes it easy to customize to form the final magic touch to complete the decor of either your home or facility.

Vertical Blinds

Your home deserves vertical slide blinds that have become more widespread and popular in recent years to give it the appearance of sophistication that suits it. This type of curtain is characterized by its ability to significantly reduce the intensity of sunlight, to keep your family healthy and reduce the symptoms of headaches and eye strain that the sun rays may cause.

Folded Blinds

In addition to its great aesthetic advantages, the folded curtains give you the ability to control the level of light coming into the room from the outside, whether by completely dimming it or by allowing light to enter in whole or in part. It also provides maximum privacy, and is useful in enhancing the thermal insulation between the outside and the inside.

Metal Blinds

Practical, flexible and provides maximum stability and rigidity, as you will only need maintenance in rare cases, without reducing the aesthetic touches it brings to your home, especially with the right furniture and decor. The stick that comes with it allows the ability to control the blinds from multiple angles to determine the degree of lighting and privacy.

Accordion Blinds

The accordion provides an ideal solution especially for interior doors. While they are fully folded, they give a great sense of openness. The accordion will not have rotting or deformation problems and will not require repainting, and its need for maintenance is surprisingly low. All it needs is a quick clean every now and then to keep it looking radiant and shiny.

Wooden Blinds

Very suitable for wood decors lovers, and is available in multiple wood colors and types, which makes it easy to find a custom option to match your room decor of whatever kind. Wooden Blinds are easy to clean, and specializes in the privacy it gives to residents of a home or facility. It also comes with a secure rod installed to keep the cord away from children's hands and a moving stick for easy control.

Clinical Blinds

Safe and effective for use in health facilities of various types, it is flexible and adjustable which allows freedom of movement and patient privacy at the same time. Manufactured from pure polyester and designed to be resistant to ignition, germs, pollution, stains, liquids and odors, and also lasts long without being affected by various disinfection compounds. Various designs are available to match the design of any room in your facility.