Awnings and Pergolas

Shutter Awl Awnings

In Shutter Awl, we are keen to provide the best awnings globally in its many types, and we focus on all our awnings being strong and rigid, which ensures their ease of transport and movement, high resistance to wind, moisture, rust and various weather factors, in addition to their suitability for different uses. In Shutter Awl, we rely on a team of highly experienced and skilled specialists.

Choosing the Right Awning

Whatever your need, in addition to ensuring fast installation and accurate timings, our team will provide the tips you need to be able to identify the most suitable types for you, the best ways to install them optimally, and the wide variety of designs, varieties and shapes we have will ensure you get the appropriate shape and quality you deserve.

Types of Awnings

Garden awnings protect against rain and sunlight, and also act as car awnings, while swimming pool awnings conserve water. Whether you are looking for school and club awnings, villas and mansions awnings, public parking awnings, wooden awnings of various types and shapes, roof awnings, metal awnings, foam awnings, fabric awnings, polyethylene awnings.

More Types

Roof awnings, mosque awnings, court-yard awnings, shop awnings, Luxan awnings, pyramid awnings, iron awnings, structural tensile awnings, Kabuli awnings, scheduled awnings, slide awnings, or other types of awnings. In Shutter Awl, we are keen to help you find your optimal choice and provide the utmost quality and professionalism in design, installation and after-sales services.


Pergolas are one of the distinctive products that give a luxurious look and feel to the seating areas in gardens and spaces of various kinds, giving a wonderful atmosphere to the place especially when choosing types and shapes integrated with the identity and design of your home, while also giving more privacy and protection from the sun.

Types of Pergolas

Whether you are looking for wooden pergolas, hexagonal pergolas, garden pergolas, villas pergolas, roof pergolas or restaurant pergolas. Or if you are looking for corporate pergolas, pyramid pergolas, octagonal pergolas, circular pergolas, shelf pergolas, garage pergolas, corridor pergolas, awning pergolas, etc., the types and varieties provided by Shutter Awl will meet your needs.