Shutter Windows

They contribute to less energy consumption, more calmness, lifestyle-enriching solutions and elevate your lifestyle in your modern and smart home to its maximum limits... whatever your choice of Shutter windows which are made from the finest aluminum, and are available in a variety of colors, your home will have many features at various times, especially in light of the weather fluctuations in the Gulf, and the waves of storms and dust that plague cities and countryside alike.

Ultimate Privacy

For more privacy, you can easily determine how much can be seen from the outside, simply open and close your Shutter windows as much as you want at any time, whether you want to open them, close them completely or leave them somewhere in between. If you're using our automation and electronic systems solutions, you'll be able to do so without even being at home.

Protection Against Sun Rays

The sun has many benefits, harms and risks at the same time, especially in an atmosphere like the Gulf. You can protect your family from these health harms by opening and closing the Shutter blinds flexibly according to how high the sun is in the sky, it will also enable you to keep your furniture, bedding and even decorations and paints away from the effects of UV rays, and preserve them for as long as possible.

Noise Reduction

You deserve to have peace and quiet in your home, relax and have a quiet night's sleep or enjoy your days without letting the noise outside disturb you or affect your concentration. The Shutter windows we offer can reduce noise coming from outside the house by 10 dB.

Lowering Energy Costs

As a result of the effectiveness of the Shutter windows from Shutter Awl in heat and cold insulation, you can save up to 10% of the energy consumed by your cooling/heating system. Unwanted heat is kept outside the building in summer, and vice versa in winter, which reduces the energy costs your home consumes.

Make Your Blinds Weather Resistant

Our Shutter window solutions will help your blinds live longer by protecting them from damage caused by rain, hail, storms and dust. Your blinds will look as best as possible for as long as possible using Shutter blinds.

Protect Your House from Dust

In addition to protecting your blinds, Shutter blinds will protect your home and its furniture from the dust waves that plague the countryside and cities alike in the Gulf. This will protect your family from serious health risks, maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your home and give a longer life to your property.

Protection and Security

For added security, the shock-resistant, solid aluminum Shutter windows maximize protection against intrusion by the highest universal standards. Using Shutter Awl automation solutions and automated systems, Shutter windows will make you look like you're at home when you're in fact far away from it, by continuing to automatically open and close your shutters as usual before the eyes of thieves lurking in your home.

Controlling Light

You may direct daylight inside your home the way you want flexibly. The Shutter windows that we provide help you control the room's lighting at all times. For example, you can enjoy a quiet afternoon nap without being disturbed by the light coming from outside.

Highest Standards

We work with the most prestigious strategic partners globally in the field to provide our customers with the highest quality and trustworthiness of Shutter windows according to the relevant quality standards in the European Union, and our experts have the highest skills acquired during our long years of work within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide the best consultation and services before, during and after installation of our products.

Insulation Against both Cold and Heat

For a pleasant indoor climate and low energy costs, our Shutter blinds isolate the heat outside the house and maintain a pleasant temperature inside during the summer, and vice versa during the winter. Shutter windows can improve insulation in your home by up to 45%, which enables you to enjoy an appropriate indoor climate all year round.

Protection Against Insects

In addition to dust, other weather fluctuations and intruders, Shutter windows also help reduce flying and crawling insects inside your home, through blades designed to keep them out of the house, forming a barrier wall that prevents them from entering.

Aluminum...the Sustainable Material

Our Shutter windows are made of high quality hard aluminum, which makes them light and strong at the same time, highly resistant to corrosion and will never need to be repainted. Aluminum was not called a sustainable material in vain, it provides a high degree of manufacturing accuracy and great durability. The advantages that aluminum provides for the manufacture of Shutter windows cannot be achieved by using other materials, such as wood, even in terms of price flexibility.