Smart Systems

With the automation solutions provided by Shutter Awl as an authorized dealer from the world's leading Somfy company, you can control your Shutter Awl products, interior blinds, aluminum and shade systems, etc. via wireless control systems or smartphone devices even when you are not at home, or more precisely, even when you are traveling to another country.

Your home in your smartphone

Whether you're in your home, office or outside, one click on your smartphone is all you need to open or close your Shutter windows, turn on the outdoor lights, activate the alarm, etc. Free yourself from all the little everyday worries like forgotten appliances or lights on, and take control by giving the impression of being in your house, when you’re actually not.

Control everything centrally

In addition to the mobile control options, our Shutter Awl solutions also offer the possibility to connect different fixtures to control them using a single controller inside the house, for example you can open all the windows in the house in the morning while you are still in bed, or close them before bed.

Select your lifestyle

Along with smartphone control options and centralized control options, you can also program your smart systems to suit your lifestyle and daily routine. For example, you can program Shutter windows to automatically open every day with your usual waking time, and also close daily when you sleep.

Sensor solutions

Another smart solution offered by Shutter Awl automation solutions is automatic sensors that allow, for example, the opening and closing of the Shutter windows, not based on certain predetermined times, but based on the amount of sunlight the window receives, to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in your home on hot Gulf summer days.

Rich and attractive designs

In addition to their smartness, our automation solutions are designed to be beautiful and with a modern look too, and to integrate with your home decor and give it the utmost sophistication and luxury it deserves, you can also customize the colors of the remote control boxes and frames to suit the furniture and interior decoration of your home.

French quality brand

As a certified agent for the leading French company Somfy, we work with the most prestigious strategic partners globally in the field to deliver intelligent systems and control systems solutions according to relevant EU quality standards, ensuring optimal quality, superior performance and long life of all our solutions.

Protection and security

With the help of Shutter Awl solutions for smart and automatic systems, controlling windows and outdoor lights will make you look like you are at home when you are far away from it, by continuing to open and close them automatically as usual before the eyes of thieves lurking in your home.